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Citrix Systems, Inc. kaute XenSource

Citrix Systems, Inc. kaute XenSource

Heute ist ein Mail von XenSource CEO Peter Levine mir in das Mailbox gefallen. Die Gerüchte haben sich bestätigt:

>>>>Mail Anfang<<<<

A Letter to XenSource Customers and Partners from Peter J. Levine, CEO and President, XenSource

August 15th, 2007

Dear member of the XenSource community,

First, I would like to thank you for helping fuel XenSource’s tremendous growth in 2007 which includes the following highlights:

  • Over 650 commercial customers, with 25 new customers joining each week
  • Introduction of XenSource v4 product line, a product which includes new enterprise class features and brings us to a strong position relative to our competitors
  • Ecosystem partnerships with 15 distributors and 300 VARs worldwide
  • Strong international growth and entry into new markets including Japan and Australia-New Zealand
  • OEM agreements with many leading ISVs and OEMs including NEC and Symantec

It is with great pleasure XenSource shares with you the news that Citrix has signed a definitive agreement to acquire XenSource in an acquisition expected to close in Q4, 2007. For those who may not be familiar with Citrix, they are the market leaders in desktop and application delivery infrastructure for the Windows ecosystem, with $1.6B in annual revenue.

We believe the XenSource-Citrix agreement is fantastic news for you, our customers and partners because the acquisition will provide XenSource with the resources and global presence to deliver increased levels of support, training, delivery and most importantly, increased new product innovation. XenSource and Citrix share a common strategy and focus around adding value to the Microsoft Windows ecosystem and delivering value-added solutions to Windows and the entire Microsoft suite. The combined company will deliver the market’s best virtualization for Windows customers from the data center to the desktop.

XenSource will become the core of a new division within Citrix focused on virtualization and management solutions. All XenSource employees will join Citrix with roles within the new organization or elsewhere within Citrix. Personally, I will lead the division as SVP and GM and report to Citrix CEO Mark Templeton, furthering the expected smooth transition.

Open source Xen is the foundation in which XenSource’s success has been built, and the contributions and participation of the community are valued. Citrix shares our commitment that our contributions to open source Xen continue strongly, with the community flourishing transparently without the constraints of commercial software development. To achieve this, we will develop procedures in the very near future for independent oversight of the Xen project. XenSource will absolutely continue on our core strategy of leveraging the valuable innovation of the open source Xen community and creating commercial solutions based on Xen.

We will expand our current efforts in server virtualization and continue the recently announced extensions in v4 to storage management with our OEM partner, Symantec. Citrix gives XenSource the fuel to scale our business globally and to also extend our strategy to virtualize the core Citrix products in desktop and application delivery infrastructure. This will enable us to offer you our customers and partners a market leading virtualization solution from the datacenter to the desktop.

Thanks again for your support.

Signature Peter J. Levine

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Citrix Systems, Inc. hat seinerseits ein News Release publiziert.

Citrix soll an XenSource interessiert sein

Citrix soll an XenSource interessiert sein

Angeblich 500 Millionen US-Dollar Kaufsumme im Gespräch

Gerüchten zufolge steht Citrix kurz davor, eine der Firmen hinter dem Xen-Hypervisor zu übernehmen. Besonderes Interesse soll Citrix an XenSource haben, doch auch der Kauf von Virtual Iron soll möglich sein.

Den zurzeit durch das Internet wandernden Gerüchten zufolge ist Citrix daran interessiert, neben seinen Applikations- und Terminalserver-Anwendungen auch in das Virtualisierungsgeschäft einzusteigen. Das Unternehmen soll daher die Übernahme von Virtual Iron oder XenSource vorbereiten, die beide an dem Open-Source-Hypervisor Xen arbeiten und darauf aufbauende kommerzielle Lösungen anbieten.

Dabei soll sich Citrix jedoch eher auf XenSource konzentrieren und bereits Gespräche geführt haben. Eine Kaufsumme von bis zu 500 Millionen US-Dollar soll dabei denkbar sein.

Angefacht wird das Gerücht noch durch Analysten von Credit Suisse, die ebenfalls der Meinung sind, Citrix könnte einen Virtualisierungsanbieter kaufen und dies auch empfehlen. Der Schritt würde zum einen Citrix’ Angebot vervollständigen, zum anderen könnte das Unternehmen durch den Kauf von XenSource seine Beziehung zu Microsoft stärken, so die Analysten. XenSource arbeitet seit Mitte 2006 mit Microsoft zusammen.

XenSource hatte erst gestern seine Produktfamilie in der Version 4.0 vorgestellt, die das Unternehmen zunehmend versucht, als günstige Alternative zu VMWare ESX zu etablieren.[]